Undocumented students of all ethnicities and nationalities can find a safe environment and supportive community at the University of New Mexico. Whether you’re thinking about applying to UNM or already a student at one of our campuses, there are various programs to help you transition to and succeed at UNM.

UNM offers a range of support services — from academic and personal counseling, to financial aid and legal advising — that can help you balance being a full-time student while handling other day-to-day challenges you may face.

Statement from Undocu Task Force

June 19, 2020 -- The University of New Mexico celebrates the affirmation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program by the Supreme Court. Despite countless attempts to terminate DACA, these proud students and community members are now protected by the nation’s highest court’s ruling. The nearly 700,000 young people, of which almost 6,000 are New Mexicanwill now avoid deportation and remain in the United StatesDecisions regarding work permit renewal, new applications, and advanced parole are yet to be determined.  

 UNM, through the Undocu Taskforce, will continue working with donors, partners, stakeholders and legislators on a pathway to citizenship and identifying and coordinating private support for DACA students.  

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